Tablao flamenco in Granada




If you are looking for a good flamenco show you will find it here. We are TABLAO FLAMENCO
ALBAYZIN, a tablao flamenco founded in 1971 under the name of “Tablao Reina Mora” that has been
offering the best flamenco shows to Granada visitors day after

"El Parranda" was the architect of everything and the one in charge of taking the first steps so that
people could enjoy this art that flamenco is. And he did it with great artists of the time such as “Fosforito” and Juanito Valderrama.
In 2001 it was renamed as Tablao Flamenco Albayzin and reopened with bailaor Juan de Juan. Since
then, we can consider ourselves as a springboard for new talents, such as Fuensanta La Moneta, Patricia Guerrero, David Carmona, Alfredo Tejada, Ismael El Bola... Today we continue being a tablao
flamenco in constant movement, always finding new artists to incorporate into our agenda and
therefore be able to continually refresh our flamenco offer. To enjoy the best show in the city, we recommend you to come and meet us. You can find us located
in Mirador de San Cristóbal, in the Albayzin neighborhood declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Show and art shake hands on our stage every night

Do you like Flamenco? Come and meet us!

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